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This plan allows you to host the service on your server or a dedicated cloud server.

You also can get support adapting the service for larger organizations and security compliance.

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PERSONALIndividuals, families, freelancers, and solo prosACADEMICClasses, university labs, and not-for-profit public or private schoolsHOBBYInterests groups, NPOs, unincorporated startups, events not hosted by a company

A Track Record of Trust

Leading companies around the world are using Scrapbox as a core communication and knowledge hub. We are also proud to support cutting-edge laboratories, universities, and a variety of different interest communities.

Experienced Support

Our company has a long record of supporting web-based services for people in countries around the world. We answer questions and provide clear support regardless of the language, role, or ability of people who need help. People regularly send strong comments and thanks for the great experience they’ve had with our support team. If you have any questions or feedback about the service, please contact us any time.


We are working hard not only to answer individual support requests, but also to actively grow the wider community. We have an active social media and forum presence where people can quickly contact our development staff. Events, seminars, and talks are held often where people get together to share their experiences and learn from each other. We welcome any requests to co-sponsor events, requests to give a talk at your seminar or event, and more.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Do you have discounts for large groups?
  • I am in a government organization, professional association, religious corporation, limited company, LLP, or LLC. Which plan should I use?
  • I am at a preparatory school, study school, or for-profit school. Which plan should I use?
  • I am a student or faculty at a public or private university or high school. Which plan should I use?

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