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Try a new kind of knowledge base where your ideas effortlessly stay in context at scale. Edit notes, design, and develop in realtime with smart linking. For solo and team use.

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Frictionless flow

Work together on the same page using our unique live markup editor. You can instantly create pages, display images or video links, and more by adding [brackets] to anything you type.


No folders, evolving context

There is a different way to organize ideas rather than creating docs in folders. As you type ideas and link them with Scrapbox, a context specific to you and your project develops over time.


Easily engage & exchange

Now you can break down siloes sustainably with realtime co-editing, instant links, and a central dashboard. Scrapbox organizes everything to your needs across different roles and is perfect for complex shared tasks.


Discuss, discover, and develop

Here are some ways people are using Scrapbox to simplify work:

Tech and desgin
Friends & family

What makes Scrapbox different


Instant yet long-term context

Adding [brackets] allows any word to link to any page, any time. Linked pages up to two steps away are shown automatically.


Seamless media

Add external links to Gyazo screenshots, Youtube, Vimeo videos, and more — they display instantly.


Tools for Developers

Quick edit and outline with emacs and other shortcuts. Paste and write codes with highlighting. Customize with your own CSS and JS.


Portable Plain Text

Your data is stored as simple plain text. You can import and export reliably (even a hundred years from now).


Slack notifications

Get realtime updates from your project in a desired Slack channel. You can also send updates to HipChat with hubot.


Clear privacy controls

Create a private project to limit the people who can see and edit your data. You can also create a public project if you want.

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