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Make in realtime

Work together on the same page using our unique live markup editor. You can instantly create pages, display images or video links, and more by adding [brackets] to anything you type. Everything is saved in plain text so it easily integrates with other services.


Stay organized forever

Scrapbox uses any links and #tags in your text to display related pages. By showing ideas in context as a network of tags it stays easy to find what you want. Even if you have tons of pages created by your team, you can conveniently explore and update ideas long-term.


Keep the big picture visible

Recent team updates can be seen at a glance on the homepage. Sort by date, relevance or type a simple search to find relevant pages.


Think, work, and play

Here are some popular use cases to get you started:

Tech and desgin
Friends & family



Slack notifications

Get realtime updates from your project in a desired Slack channel. You can also send updates to HipChat with hubot.


Gyazo direct display

Scrapbox works perfectly with Gyazo. Paste any Gyazo URL in brackets and the image will be shown. You can paste links to Youtube, Vimeo, and more in the same way.


Code Highlight

Any code such as Javascript, Ruby, CSS, Shell can be color highlighted in the editor. You can even write code while it’s highlighted.


Central search

Find exactly what you want with a simple text search from the home page.


Portable Plain Text

Your data is stored as simple plain text. You can import and export reliably (even a hundred years from now).


Clear privacy controls

Create a private project to limit the people who can see and edit your data. You can also create a public project if you want.

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